Stepping Up to Scale, From the Fika Fireside Series

  1. V is for Vision: The singular vision or desired future state that a company is founded on and that motivates the founder and their team in perpetuity.
  2. M is for Mission: The mission statement(s) or action(s) that a company takes repeatedly to accomplish its vision.
  3. C is for Capacity: The measurable systems that are put in place to enable a company’s people to execute the mission and vision.
  4. L is for Learning: The continuous feedback loop or set of metrics that keeps everyone on track.
  • Early hiring should be strategic but fluid. Your first 25 hires should be people who have the potential to eventually run a team/department. However, fluidity in job roles and responsibilities will allow for stronger shared experiences and the natural development of team leaders.
  • Build brand and loyalty by telling the story of your customers. Storytelling is a very authentic form of marketing that can also engage your customers to become advocates. Providing them with a platform to share their story of transformation with the world will also share yours.
  • Match your “human support infrastructure” to your changing needs. It’s rare to have one singular advisor or mentor who will know how to help you at all stages of your founder journey. In fact, as your company grows, it’s better to seek out new advisors, mentors, VCs, board members, and team members who are the right fit at that time.
  • Always be willing to ask yourself if you should be at the helm. The role of the CEO may change at different phases of the company. Do you need the CEO to be a storyteller, or an operator, or a visionary, or an evangelist? Having the discipline to constantly evaluate if you are the right person for the job at that phase in the company’s lifecycle is challenging but important to ensure the vision and mission the company was founded on can continue to be accomplished.




Seed investing @ Fika Ventures, Founder @ Mi Casa de Angeles | Previously @ WndrCo, Parthenon

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Gabriella Brignardello

Gabriella Brignardello

Seed investing @ Fika Ventures, Founder @ Mi Casa de Angeles | Previously @ WndrCo, Parthenon

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